Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So long to Scandinavia

Hello again everybody just so you know I made it back from Norway and am very greatful for everyones support and prays! Things for me this last weeks were very, very exciting. I took the weekend off from training and went back up to Lillehammer, Norway to watch the Norwegian athletics championships, what a weekend! I got to see all my new friends and relax with some great beer and even better people. It was very hard for me to leave after this weekend because Norway became like a second home to me in a way. I honestly can't put in words what those people now mean to me and for what they did for me. Saying goodbye was bitter sweet in few ways obviously because I loved it there and made many friends but at the same time I have a family and friends back home that I feel like I need to see. So im sad and happy all together right this moment. Two months is along time away from home when you've never been away before. That trip happened to be the highlight of my life and I've been blessed to have a very, very good life! Full of Family and friends that love and support me in my journeys as will I in which ever way they choose to go aswell.

The past is the past but memories I have now of Norway will provide a wonderful present day life for me. Well Hopefully next year Ill be able to go back and have even more great memories to bring back to the colonies haha. Till next time I love you all and thanks for your encouragement, support, and prays. Peace!

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